Mom Saw Luke Byrum or Whoever at Green Hills Mall

BREAKING: Mom Saw Luke Byrum or Whoever at Green Hills Mall


GREEN HILLS – Your mom left you a voicemail about an hour ago, desperately wanting to let you know that she saw the adorably mispronounced Country Superstar “Luke Byrum” at the Green Hills Mall this morning. In your younger years, you would have corrected her and scoffed that she isn’t down with the latest tunes, but luckily you’ve grown up and realized it’s best to just let her have her moment.

She is patiently waiting on your call back, please set a reminder to return her call ASAP.


Jerry Dawson

Jerry Dawson

A self-proclaimed world-renowned journalist with a penchant for fine wine and a knack for "getting to the bottom of things". When I'm not covering Nashville's news, you can usually find me catching a cool sports match on TV at Tin Roof!

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