Report: Taylor Swift Has A Condo In That Place, I Think?...

Report: Taylor Swift Has A Condo In That Place, I Think?…


NASHVILLE – When local Nashvillian Denny Reynolds heard his college buddies were coming to town, he couldn’t wait to take them on a tour of Nashville’s most famous spots. Upon arrival, Denny dazzled his guests with sights like his new place of work, a slow drive past his ex-girlfriend’s house, and even pointed to a condo in Midtown, proclaiming with uncharacteristic confidence “Taylor Swift has a condo in that building. I think. Or maybe it’s the other one. I actually don’t really know.”  Denny spun up the rumor mill at least twice more during his friends’ stay, pointing out other rumored homesteads of the Country-turned-Pop singer.

Jerry Dawson

Jerry Dawson

A self-proclaimed world-renowned journalist with a penchant for fine wine and a knack for "getting to the bottom of things". When I'm not covering Nashville's news, you can usually find me catching a cool sports match on TV at Tin Roof!

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