Nashville Excited to Watch Fireworks Through Cloud of Smoke Again

Nashville Excited to Watch Fireworks Through Cloud of Smoke Again


DOWNTOWN – Happy America day, Nashville! Gather up the family, some lawnchairs, and a Gatorade™ bottle to pee in because you’ll be stuck in the car for 4 hours on the way to one of the nation’s biggest fireworks shows! If you’ve been crazy enough to be near Nissan Stadium on one of our nation’s birthdays past, you’ll know that the grandiose display of firepower becomes engulfed in a cloud of smoke, fog, and clouds bigger than a VapeLyfe™ convention in a matter of seconds. It’s like a King Kong-sized version of the disgusting Peanuts character “Pigpen” trots through downtown right as the show is getting started. But that doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of people from convincing themselves the 20 minute smoke show is worth it, coming in from all over to appease their children’s insatiable appetites for explosions. 

“The first 3 fireworks you can actually see are pretty good, but the best part is seeing the clouds glow different colors and trying to guess what design each firework is making inside!”

Not sure where to watch the big show? Here’s our top 3 spots to watch our city obliterate enough money in fireworks to fix every pothole on I-440 for the next 5 years:

  1. East Nashville: A great viewing spot where you can also enjoy the neighborhood’s original, semi-annual game “Fireworks or AK-47?” 
  2. Lower Broadway:  Want to be 100% sure you’re stuck downtown til 3am? Push and shove your way to lower broadway where you can enjoy the sounds of the show in the stairwell of Acme Feed & Seed while you wait hopelessly in line for the rooftop deck.
  3. Love Circle: Here’s an original idea! Enjoy the view from cloud level via area high-schoolers’ favorite makeout spot. You’ll even get to sneak a peek at John Rich’s extravagant Lego house while you’re there.

And if you’re lucky enough to make it all the way to downtown in the first place, good luck getting home! “Oh, I’ll just Uber so I don’t have to worry about driving…” Hope Dave Ramsey taught you the importance of having an emergency fund, because you’ll need to spend the entirety of it on your 3 hour, 16x surge-priced ride home. 

Hope everybody has a fun and safe 4th of July!

Jerry Dawson

Jerry Dawson

A self-proclaimed world-renowned journalist with a penchant for fine wine and a knack for "getting to the bottom of things". When I'm not covering Nashville's news, you can usually find me catching a cool sports match on TV at Tin Roof!

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