Historic Hattie B’s Torn Down for two "Tall, Skinny" Locations

Historic Hattie B’s torn down to build two “Tall, Skinny” Locations


MIDTOWN – Nashville’s iconic hot chicken establishment Hattie B’s has decided to tear down its original 1924 building in favor of two thinner, but taller buildings on the original lot. In a move mirroring perhaps Nashville’s most archetypal housing trend, the restaurant has demolished the historic original location, including its boring historic charm and outdated original details, in favor of two ultra-modern-neo-boho-eco-urban “tall, skinny” buildings with hardwood floors, marble counters, space to entertain and a walk-in closet to die for. The two buildings seem to look identical but company representatives spent the next 4 minutes pointing out the barely-noticeable differences.

“We want to improve the experience. For us, I mean. Now we can serve twice as many people and make twice as much money. Which is the real reason we’re all here in Nashville, isn’t it?”

– Company Representative 

The new buildings open Labor Day weekend.

Jerry Dawson

Jerry Dawson

A self-proclaimed world-renowned journalist with a penchant for fine wine and a knack for "getting to the bottom of things". When I'm not covering Nashville's news, you can usually find me catching a cool sports match on TV at Tin Roof!

  1. @Jamie As the yuppie under contract for the Hattie B’s on the right, parking is accommodated from a carport off the greenified alley in the back and run off will be directed into the rain garden/soon to be unmaintained mud pit in the front.

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